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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fortnite better on Xbox One or PS4?

Fortnite Runs Better on Xbox One Than PS4. Gaming fans have long debated which console reigns supreme: Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One. While that battle may still be burning, when it comes to Epic Games’ recently released title Fortnite, it appears that the Xbox One is the winner.

How can I activate 2FA?

How can I activate 2FA? Scan the QR Code provided on the 2FA page with your Google Authenticator application. The app will display a 6 numbers key. Enter all 6 numbers (without space) to the "Your authentication code" field under the QR code. Click on [Activate 2FA].

What does 2FA mean in Fortnite?

Two factor authentication - 2FA for short - is essentially a way of keeping your Fortnite account more secure. Since Fortnite is so popular, there's always people trying to hack your account and gain access to your favourite skins, so enabling 2FA is absolutely mandatory for stopping unwanted intruders.

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