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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Wil Willis leave forged in fire?

Initially, fans thought Willis left the competition show because of a monetary issue, but he shared his side of the story. He got into details on the BF3 podcast, squashing the rumours of bad blood between him and the Forged in Fireteam. He stated that he left the show for his reasons and wants fans to support him in his decision.

Why was forged in fire cancelled?

This is because the show is filmed in New York, and New York knife laws state that it is illegal for a weapon to be manufactured on television unless that weapon is a prop. Was Forged in Fire Cancelled?

Did J Neilson leave forged in fire?

With so much cool work, not only do the contestants become recognized, so too do the judges. One judge to come and go from Forged in Fire is Jason Knight. He joined the show in Season 3 when judge James Neilson needed to take a leave of absence to have surgery. He then returned in Season 4, but he hasn't been seen on the show since.

What happened to will Willis from forged in fire?

Willis abruptly left his hosting duties and will not be returning to the show for its newest season. He was replaced by former US Army Green Beret Grady Powell.

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