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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Forged Alliance Forever good for Casuals?

Meet casual to competitive gamers. Forged Alliance Forever is one of the best online gaming communities out there complete with forums, clans, wiki, and a supremely moderated global chat to enjoy between games. Compete against some of the top players in FAF. What is Supreme Commander? Control your units from any vantage point.

How do I play Forged Alliance Forever?

Devastating experimental units will finish the job. Unleash the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, the Supreme Commander, in one of four diverse factions: The United Earth Federation, The Cybran Nation, The Aeon Illuminate or The Order (Seraphim). In order to play Forged Alliance Forever, you must first install Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.

Is Forged Alliance still active 2020?

As of 2020, Forged Alliance Forever continues to be supported by fan volunteers who actively maintain the community, add unofficial patches, maps, and mods, and release regular content. Updated game.

What do I get for donating to Forged Alliance?

All donors will receive a free avatar! Forged Alliance Forever is an open source project and always looking for new collaborators.

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