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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns first utility?

First Utility is now owned by Shell. In 2019, the supplier was rebranded to Shell Energy. First Utility Ltd is an independent energy supplier, meaning that it is not owned by any external shareholder. The company currently operates from Coventry and is headed by CEO Ian McCaig.

What are the benefits of using first utility?

The supplier also had a great reputation for replying and resolving all customer complaints made through the customer review site. First Utility customers could log in to their online account on desktop or through the First Utility app to carry out a whole host of tasks that you would otherwise have to do over the phone.

What is first utility's yearly discount?

First Utility customers could receive a yearly discount of £12 per fuel for paying their bills via Direct Debit through their online account, and choose whether to pay a fixed monthly price based on yearly usage, or a variable monthly price based on actual usage.

How do I log into my shell energy account?

Enter your email address (this will be the email address registered on your account) and your password. If this is the first time you’re logging into your online account, you’ll have received an email when you registered. This will be from [email protected], with the subject line ‘Welcome to Shell Energy’.

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