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Frequently Asked Questions

What are epic features?

Characteristics of an Epic. Another essential feature of an epic is the fact that it dwells upon the achievements of a historical or traditional hero, or a person of national or international significance. Every epic extolls the valour, deeds, bravery, character and personality of a person, who is having incredible physical and mental traits.

What are programs and features?

The Programs and Features is a hub that comprises an alphabetically arranged index of overall programs and applications installed on a PC. Most users access it in quick successions in order to repair, change or uninstall the programs.

What are the Windows 10 optional features?

How to Add and Uninstall Optional Features in Windows 10 Step 1: Go to the windows by clicking on windows home screen. Step 2: Click on the system option as shown in the second slide. Step 3: Here in the apps and features section, you will find Manage Optional features link.

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