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Frequently Asked Questions

What is expressive aphasia?

Expressive aphasia also differs from apraxia of speech, which is a motor disorder characterized by an inability to create and sequence motor plans for speech. [8] Broca's (expressive) aphasia is a type of non-fluent aphasia in which an individual's speech is halting and effortful.

What areas of the brain can cause expressive aphasia?

The most common cause of expressive aphasia is a stroke that affects Broca’s area, which is a part of the brain involved in language. It helps a person form words and sentences. Consequently, when Broca’s area cannot function as it should, it results in a diminished ability to use words and language to communicate fluently.

Is there a cure for expressive aphasia?

Some people with aphasia recover completely without treatment. But for most people, some amount of aphasia typically remains. Treatments such as speech therapy can often help recover some speech and language functions over time, but many people continue to have problems communicating.

What is the difference between Broca's and expressive aphasia?

One important difference Broca made was that expressive aphasia is not due to the mouth’s loss of the motor ability to produce words, but rather the brain’s loss of the ability to produce language. Around the same time as Broca’s discovers a German neurologist by the name of Carl Wernicke.

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