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Frequently Asked Questions

When does endeavour season 8 come out?

Mark your calendars: Season 8 is officially premiering on Sunday, June 19 at 9pm. The all-new season has three thrilling episodes, airing Sundays, June 19 through July 3, from 9-11pm ET on MASTERPIECE. You can see the first trailer for Endeavour Season 8 now!

What is the plot of Endeavour season 8?

What is the plot of Endeavour Season 8? According to ITV, Endeavour Season 8 opens in 1971 and follows Oxford Wanderers' star striker Jack Swift, who receives a death threat. Following this, Endeavour and his team are placed at the heart of the glitz and glamour of 1970s football, exposing the true cost of success and celebrity.

Who is in the cast of Endeavour season 8?

Once again, Roger Allam co-stars as Morse's partner Inspector Fred Thursday, with more details on all the cast and characters of Endeavour series eight listed below to help you refresh your memory. Shaun Evans plays Detective Sergeant Endeavour Morse Shaun Evans plays Detective Sergeant Endeavour Morse Who is Endeavour Morse?

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