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Frequently Asked Questions

What species is most likely to be endangered?

The South China Tiger and the Sumatran Tiger are the most likely to become extinct. The South China Tiger is already thought to be extinct in the wild, as no one has spotted it since the 1970s. The IUCN has classified the Sumatran tiger as critically endangered since 2008, with less than 500 of them existing today. i.

What is the number one endangered species?

The most endangered animal is considered to be the vaquita, a small dolphin-like creature from the Gulf of California, not too far from America Out of the various nearly extinct animals on our list, they have the smallest number left: only about 30. Besides the cute vaquita, what is the most endangered species in the world?

What is the total number of endangered species?

What Makes a Species Endangered? Over 7,000 species around the world are considered endangered.

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