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What was the US presidential election of 1940?

United States presidential election of 1940. Written By: United States presidential election of 1940, American presidential election held on Nov. 5, 1940, in which Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Republican Wendell L. Willkie.

Why did FDR run for president in 1940?

The United States presidential election of 1940 was fought in the shadow of World War II as the United States was emerging from the Great Depression. Incumbent President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), a Democrat, broke with tradition and ran for a third term, which became a major issue.

Who won the House of Representatives in 1940?

Go to top. The 1940 United States House of Representatives elections coincided with President Franklin D. Roosevelt 's re-election to an unprecedented third term. His Democratic Party narrowly gained seats from the opposition Republican Party, cementing their majority.

What if the Republican ticket had been elected in 1940?

Editorial research reports 1945 (Vol. II). Washington, D.C.: CQ Press. Retrieved July 12, 2018. If the Republican ticket had been elected in 1940, the plan of succession adopted in 1886 would probably have come into operation for the first time in 1944.

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