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Who won the Senate in 1942?

The 1942 United States Senate elections were held November 3, 1942, midway through Franklin D. Roosevelt 's third term as President . Although this election took place during World War II, the opposition Republican party made major gains, taking eight seats from the Democrats and one from an independent.

What happened in the US Congress in 1942?

The 1942 United States elections were held on November 3, 1942, and elected the members of the 78th United States Congress. In Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt 's unprecedented third mid-term election, the Republican Party picked up seats in both chambers.

What happened in the 1940 elections?

The House elections took place after the 1940 United States Census and the subsequent Congressional re-apportionment. The Democrats also lost eight seats to the Republicans in the U.S. Senate. An Independent also lost his seat to a Republican in the Senate. Despite Republican gains, the Democratic Party retained control of both chambers.

How did the 1944 election affect the soldier vote?

This victory was marred by the fact that, unlike the Soldier Voting Act of 1942, the 1944 bill enabled states to collect poll taxes from soldiers. It is difficult to accurately assess the full impact of the soldier vote in the 1944 election.

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