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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Cast for Education?

Google Cast for Education is not a physical device. Instead it is a Chrome app that a teacher can run from their device to allow others to cast to the student’s screen to the teacher’s device. Since the teacher is hooked up to the projector, the whole class can see it.

What is an EO Galaxy?

Elliptical galaxies are denoted by the letter E. They are also given a number from 0 to 7. An E0 galaxy looks like a circle. An E7 galaxy is very long and thin. Astronomers have specific mathematical definitions for each number, but these definitions are beyond the scope of this project.

What is the Google Apps for Education?

Google Apps for Education is a suite of web-based programs providing email, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, calendaring, research, and collaboration tools for all ISD students and teachers.

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