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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Duke University a good school?

The student body is very intelligent, committed to academic pursuit, but also likes to have fun.You get to go to basketball games in Cameron and cheer for the Blue Devils with other Cameron Crazies.The best food on any campus in the US.Teachers are accessible and committed to your education. ...There is no better college education available anywhere.

Is Duke University a good school?

The answer to this question is a resounding “yes!” Duke has an excellent faculty, top-notch resources, and a rich tradition of legal education. In addition, Duke’s location in the heart of Durham provides students with plenty of opportunities to engage in the local legal community.

What colleges are in Duke University?

Duke University has 12 schools and institutes, three of which host undergraduate programs: Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, Pratt School of Engineering, and Duke Kunshan University. [100] [101] The university has "historical, formal, ongoing, and symbolic ties" with the United Methodist Church , but is a nonsectarian and independent ...

Is Duke University hard to get into?

While you may technically apply to Duke having attained a High School equivalency, like the GED, it's very difficult to get into Duke without a nice high school record. It's important to finish High School and graduation with outstanding grades if you want to get into Duke. Take Advanced Placement courses or honors classes, if possible.

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