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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Dude Perfect is really worth?

Overall, the group is said to earn an estimate of $3-$7 million per year. Although Dude Perfect is estimated to earn 12 – 14 million per year, it is not certain what their net worth is. Different sources have estimated Dude Perfect’s net worth to be $20 million, while Celebrity Net Worth has revealed it to be $30 million.

How many world records does Dude Perfect really have?

Pretty high it seems. In one YouTube video alone, titled World Record Edition, the Dude Perfect group breaks 11 records. The first to break is the world's longest basketball shot make with one's head.

How much money does Dude Perfect have?

How Much Money Does Dude Perfect Make A Week. Dude Perfect is a YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers, and they have around $80 million in the bank. That’s according to their earnings estimates, which range from $12 to $15 million per year. Their YouTube channel releases one video every week, and that film typically gets millions ...

How much does Dude Perfect make?

The diversified holdings of Dude Perfect. The best reported statistic on Dude Perfect's income, as of 2019, was about $20 million dollars, according to CNBC, but there's a catch to that: it's ...

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