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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point for duality?

Under any duality, the point P is called the pole of the hyperplane P⊥, and this hyperplane is called the polar of the point P. Using this terminology, the absolute points of a polarity are the points that are incident with their polars and the absolute hyperplanes are the hyperplanes that are incident with their poles.

What is the principle of duality in Boolean algebra?

Duality principle in Boolean Algebra states that "The Dual of the expression can be achieved by replacing the AND operator with OR operator , along with replacing the binary variables, such as replacing 1 with 0 and replacing 0 with 1". This law explains that replacing the variables doesn't change the value of the Boolean function.

What is the duality concept in accounting?

duality concept. Definition. An accounting principle that recognizes the dual impact of business transactions on the cash flow ledger or the balance sheet. For instance, an acquired asset is added to the asset side of the balance sheet while the debt used to acquire the asset is added to the liability side.

What is a duality in literature?

Duality is a literary trope that features heavily in Gothic literature at the end of the 19th Century.

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