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Frequently Asked Questions

What does dry bar mean?

2 Answers A wet bar is a small bar used for mixing alcoholic beverages, which differs from a regular bar in that it includes a sink with running water. A dry sink like this is a great option. A "wet bar" usually has running water and a sink, whereas a dry bar does not.

What is a Drybar blowout?

Blowout is a Blow Dry Bar. We leave cuts and color to the salons - Blowout is all about great blowout style for about thirty dollars – it’s faster, more affordable, and so much more fun than your typical salon!

What is the traditional definition of a comedy?

Comedy is a literary genre and a type of dramatic work that is amusing and satirical in its tone, mostly having a cheerful ending. The motif of this dramatic work is triumph over unpleasant circumstance by creating comic effects, resulting in a happy or successful conclusion. Thus, the purpose of comedy is to amuse the audience.

What is a dry bar?

What is a dry bar? A dry bar or blow dry bar is a salon or menu of services within a salon that doesn't worry about cuts or color. Instead, stylists give hair a good wash and blow-dry leaving hair looking picture perfect. Basically, you know how your hair never seems to look as fantastic as it does the day you get it cut?

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