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Frequently Asked Questions

Is dossier a good tool to manage fleet maintenance?

We have been using Dossier for over 12 years; it is a fantastic tool to manage fleet maintenance and improve productivity. A few years ago, we added Dossier External Work Management to import electronic work orders from our fleet leasing company, which has saved us countless hours in data entry while eliminating errors.

Why choose dossier systems?

By providing us with continuous updates and a friendly, courteous staff, Dossier Systems has been and will continue to be an invaluable resource for our company. Dossier reporting plays an instrumental role in managing our 1300+unit fleet for the City of Rock Hill, South Carolina.

What can you track with dossier?

We are able to track so many different facets of our fleet maintenance system, fuel management system and inventory that we have been able to run a much leaner, more productive operation. We are especially interested in the equipment tracking ability of Dossier.

What's new at dossier?

The most recent enhancement to our fleet has been the addition of Dossier On-Board GPS tracking. This has enabled our company to automatically import mileage to the Dossier database.

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