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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DIY Dice Tower?

This DIY dice tower is a great add-on to your tabletop games. Made from formboard and foamboard, the dice tower can support a variety of dice sizes. So, it saves you the hassle of cutting and staining wooden pieces and all the mess caused by sticking them together. If you are a beginner, this plan makes it extremely easy to build.

Can you make a dice tower without sewing pins?

The dice tower can even be made without sewing pins. Although, the pins help to hold the structure in place while the glue dries. While the tray and the tower have been built separately, the fit is snug, ensuring they will stay attached when put together. #4. Basic Wooden Dice Box

What is a see-through dice tower?

See-Through Dice Tower If you were into any arcade games in your childhood, this design will give you a good shot of nostalgia. This dice tower is designed to look like the age-old favorite “ pinball ,” and you can watch as your dice bounce off each baffle as it descends onto the landing tray.

What is the difference between a dice tower and a tray?

While one side of the box acts as a tower, the other side acts as a tray. This dice tower even has baffles to ensure the dice rolls down fairly. Baffles are pieces in the tower that make dice roll. Feel free to be creative when beautifying the box, but the original plan has explained ways to improve the aesthetics too.

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