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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DLC boot 2022?

All in all, DLC Boot 2022 is a very powerful and useful diagnostic utility for finding Windows problems and fixing them. You can also download Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2022 Free Download. Below are some noticeable features which you will experience after DLC Boot 2022 Free Download

How do I install DLC boot ISO?

Boot to a .wim file - e.g. Win11x64.wim (\ventoy\ventoy_wimboot.img plugin file required). Find the DLC Boot ISO in Explorer and right-click and 'Mount as ImDisk Virtual Disk' and use drive letter Y: - - you can run DLCBoot.exe from Y: now if you wish.

What tools are available in dlcboot?

Available tools found in DLCBoot are separated into the following categories – Backup tools, Disk Tools, Tools for Mini Windows, Driver tools, Network, Recovery, Hardware tools, Office tools, Antivirus, System Tools, Utilities, USB Tools, and even Microsoft Crack tools for extracting your serial codes from PCs that cannot boot their OS anymore.

What are the features of DLC boot 2019?

Features of DLC Boot 2019 v3.6 Added option to choose NTFS or NTFS (UEFI) or FAT32 format when creating Boot. Added option allows you to choose Boot Loader is SysLinux or Grub4Dos. Supports new UEFI boot interface more versatile.

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