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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Deathstroke have a moral code?

In current canon, Deathstroke does what he does because he feels it's what he should do. What is Deathstroke’s moral code in the current Deathstroke vs. Batman: Sins of Father? Deathstroke thinks of himself as someone doing his job. Someone who does what needs to be done:

Is Deathstroke really evil?

Is Deathstroke really evil? No, I for one do not believe he is. However, it utterly depends on which Deathstroke you are referring to. The Classic and Current main Deathstrokes have definitely done bad things, but usually it is for reasons Deathstroke believes are “good” or will help someone he cares about.

Does Deathstroke have a daughter?

With Deathstroke's daughter making an appearance on the Titans TV show, here are ten facts you should know about Ravager from the comics. Rose Wilson is the daughter of Slade Wilson, better known as Deathstroke. As Ravager, Rose has followed in her father’s footsteps in several ways, also becoming a highly trained assassin.

Is Deathstroke a Batman villain?

Trinity = The Joker: INSANELY mentally ill villain with a tragic but also quite ambiguous past and archenemy of the protagonist (Dexter and Batman, respectively ... Isaak Sirko = Deathstroke and or Deadshot: Tragic assassin. Badass though.

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