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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Deathstroke's costume look like?

This Deathstroke's costume is mostly body armor but it homages the classic George Perez costume just as much, trading black for the original blue and even incorporating the chainmail weave. The result is a costume that doesn't lack for intimidation, but which screams personality as well.

What kind of armor does Deathstroke wear?

Deathstroke Arkham Origins 3-piece set: Full chest armor, neck armor and shoulders with shotgun shells. Gunmetal Fire Orange Deathstroke shoulder armor Blue carbon fiber print. Arrow version CW costume DC Slade adjustable straps, snap buckles

Was Deathstroke originally designed to be Slade Wilson?

The Arrowverse 's initial incarnation of Deathstroke was a break from the tradition; it wasn't Slade Wilson behind the mask, but his former partner Billy Wintergreen. The costume was clearly meant to be Deathstroke, however, even if the design team initially struggled to bring the comic look to live-action.

How high is Deathstroke's front profile?

Adding another 3cm to my height to account for the boots and mask, I scaled the image so that Deathstroke's front profile was 1850 pixels high (Using the middle of his feet as the base), allowing easy conversion to millimetres.

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