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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1944 militaria?

1944 Militaria is dedicated to providing the collector and re-enactor with authentic reproductions. We are very particular about what we sell to collectors/re-enactors.

Where did the Rangers lead the way on D-Day?

My father, Harold Gene Mann, Co. C, 5th Ranger Battalion, landed on D-Day on Omaha Beach, and was among the Rangers who “Led the Way” inland near Vierville Sur Mer. I have his Ranger patches, scroll and photos of him in his uniform.

What kind of rifle did the US Army use in WWII?

The rifle of issue was the M-14, but we managed to carry whatever US weapon we preferred, including the 1911. I traded mine for a 9mm Star Mod B. to an Aussie, who got it from a Frenchman who got it from God knows where. It was used by the German army in WW II.

How did soldiers get to the beach in Normandy?

Higgins Landing Crafts: Before the ground assault could begin, Soldiers needed to get to the beach. They boarded Higgins landing crafts (or LCVP “landing craft, vehicle and personnel”) for the trip to shore. Donald Englar, just 18-years-old, operated a Higgins boat. He recalled the struggle of landing under heavy enemy fire.

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