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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to make a crossword puzzle?

To create your own Crossword Puzzle, follow the steps listed below: Enter the title of your Crossword Puzzle. Adjust the font size and color as needed. Enter your word list in the Word List section. Input format should be => (answer : question or clue) Select the color of Words, Indices and / or Clues.

What is the best online crossword puzzle?

Crossword Heaven is a basic, yet powerful online resource for solving crossword puzzles. The description on the website calls it a "crossword clue search engine." it's recommended by Android Authority as one of the best online crossword dictionaries. The site has around a million clues and its database includes most English words.

How can I solve a crossword puzzle?

Let’s split up how to do a crossword puzzle into in the basic steps as well as some pro tips. Make a first pass in one direction, usually starting with 1 Across, and solve the most obvious clues first. For instance, solve for fill-in-the-blank questions first, as they tend to be more obvious than others.

How can I get better at crossword puzzles?

Read the clues and make your best guesses. If you want, go to the menu in the upper right corner of the crossword grid to customize your preferences. From there, you can control the timer and check the solutions for certain letters, clues, or the whole crossword.

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