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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a 2021 Honda crf300l?

Six years was a long wait, and the 2021 Honda CRF300L is here, and Honda did more than simply stroke the motor.

What makes the Honda crf300l rally so good?

The CRF300L Rally has a very light clutch-lever pull, thanks in part to an assist/slipper clutch that also provides good performance during aggressive downshifting. Overall vehicle weight is low, thanks to careful selection of components.

How much does a Honda crf300l weigh?

Footpeg pressure and a well-timed pop of the clutch will do the trick. The CRF300L’s handling manners are fairly dirt bike-like, even with its 309-pound wet weight as measured on the Dirt Rider scales.

What kind of brakes does a Honda crf300l have?

Despite having a Nissin two-piston caliper and 256mm disc (just 4mm smaller than Honda’s motocross and off-road models), the CRF300L’s front brake leaves something to be desired. It’s not strong or progressive enough for our liking.

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