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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of cork flooring?

Cork flooring is very vulnerable to water damage. If cork flooring gets wet, it will expand, causing it to be uneven, and potentially damaging the floor's structure by causing it to crack or lose its shape. Compared to engineered wood or laminates, this is a serious disadvantage.

Is cork flooring good?

Cork flooring comes from the bark of the cork tree. Cork flooring is good for pets, people and the environment -- It's a naturally occurring and renewable resource, and it's relatively inexpensive compared with wood or tile flooring.

Is cork flooring right for your home?

Cork is a great flooring option for your home if you want a warm, attractive, cost-effective, and eco-friendly material for your home's floor. You can choose a natural cork style if you want a more rustic look, or you can choose from a number of other styles to go with your home's interior design!

Is cork flooring durable?

Although cork flooring is as durable as hardwood floors, it can still be damaged. Heavy objects placed or dropped on the floor can leave an indentation, and sliding an appliance across the floor can tear the surface.

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