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Frequently Asked Questions

What is carbon cork flooring?

Carbon Concrete cork flooring is a grey colored plank that provides a neutral base for your design whimsies. Dress it up with bold colors or muted tones, this utilitarian flooring, creates the perfect background for your artistic life style.

What are the different types of cork floors?

Since 2000, cork has advanced considerably as a resilient floor covering. Not only has the finish improved, but the way it's installed has also changed significantly. Today, most cork flooring comes in two basic forms: engineered floating floors and solid tiles.

What are floating cork floors?

Engineered floating cork floors have literally taken over the cork flooring market in the last 15 years for several good reasons: Traditionally, all cork was one natural color of light tan, with darker elements throughout. Today, cork flooring is made in numerous colors that involve staining the surface layer.

What is cork flooring underlayment?

Cork underlayment has become the product of choice beneath ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, carpeting, and other solid surface floors, mainly in apartments and condos. Cork flooring is one of the best green floors no matter who makes it, right?

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