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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of cork flooring?

Cork flooring is very vulnerable to water damage. If cork flooring gets wet, it will expand, causing it to be uneven, and potentially damaging the floor's structure by causing it to crack or lose its shape. Compared to engineered wood or laminates, this is a serious disadvantage.

Is Cork a good flooring choice for a basement?

When it comes to choosing cork flooring in a basement, there are several benefits, including the fact that while cork is durable, it allows for a good amount of cushioning. It can also help to increase the temperature in a space that is often the coldest room in a home.

Can cork flooring be refinished?

Veneer floors cannot be sanded before refinishing, making it impossible to remove scratches that have damaged the underlying cork. Also, some cork is not finished using polyurethane, but simply is oiled before installation. ... This type of cork flooring should only have oil reapplied and not be traditionally refinished.

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