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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 'connexion' synonymous with 'connection'?

Is "connexion" synonymous with "connection"? Is connexion synonymous with connection? Can I use it, for example, in an ethernet connexion? No, at least not in American English.

What does connection mean?

Kids Definition of connection 1 : the act of linking together connection of the pipes 2 : the fact or condition of having a link : relationship There's no connection between the two incidents.

Is the word 'connexion' still used in American English?

No, at least not in American English. From Wikipedia: Connexion is the original and variant spelling of "connection", common until at least the 19th century, and still occasionally used in British English (it was the house style of The Times of London as recently as the 1980s).

What is an example of connection in a sentence?

Examples of connection in a Sentence. The state plans to improve roads that serve as connections between major highways. There is a fee for connection to the town's water supply. All classrooms will be wired for connection to the Internet. connections between thought and language Investigators found no connection between the two fires.

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