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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for companies at Companies House?

Companies House allows you to search for a company or a director at a time. It doesn’t allow you to produce a datasets or list of companies using one or more data points such as location, financial parameters or industry. Thus, if you know, what you are looking for, you can search one by one at Companies House.

What services does Companies House provide?

As stated above, Companies House is providing services related to company formation registration. The public register maintains details of all the incorporated companies. Anyone can undertake a Companies House name search or access Company shareholders, directors, and related information in an instant.

What can I look at with our free company search?

Our free service was introduced in 2015 and now gets more than 2.2 billion searches each year. You can look at the details and filing history of a company, including: There's often confusion about what we do with the information that companies give to us. As a registry we're required to make certain information public.

How do I find a company’s public information?

With over 4 million companies registered and over 7 million documents filed each year, there are lots of ways to find the company information you’re searching for. CHS makes all of the public data we hold on companies available free of charge. Free access to the data is available through our CHS web service and application program interface (API).

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