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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find traffic cams in Portland Oregon?

Click on an area of Portland to see images from some of the Portland Bureau of Transportation's and Oregon Department of Transportation’s traffic cameras. Images are updated approximately every 10 minutes. Reload the page for most current image. For links to all Oregon DOT traffic cams and road conditions, go to ODOT’s Trip Check site.

Does Portland have speed safety cameras?

Oregon state law allows Portland to use speed safety cameras only on its most dangerous streets. These are our High Crash Network streets. The High Crash Network represents just 8% of the city’s street network but accounts for 57% of traffic deaths. Hasn't Portland had speed safety cameras for a long time?

Where are ODOT traffic cameras located?

ODOT Traffic Cameras Portland PDX West PDX East Coast Valley Central South East N. Calif

What happened at a traffic stop in NE Portland?

Traffic stop in NE Portland yield weapons and drugs including AR-15, body armor, meth Elderly couple killed on Hwy. 99 crossing road for Christmas Party, police say Woman accused of killing stepdad after finding nude photos of herself on his computer United Nations' biodiversity conference poised to leave many issues unresolved

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