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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a Cisco WebEx Meeting?

Select Schedule a meeting. ...Specify the date, time, and other details you need to include.Add a Cisco Webex room or desk device by selecting Scheduling Assistant > Add Rooms on Windows or Scheduling or Room Finder and then Add Room on the Mac and ...

How to setup WebEx Meeting? Getting started with Webex Meetings. Schedule your meeting Recommended: From the desktop app 1. From the Webex Meetings desktop app, click Schedule. 2. Fill in the calendar invitation that pops up as you would normally do for meetings on site. 3. Add invitees. 4. Click the Add Webex Meeting logo in the Appointment menu. 5.

How to set up web conferencing with WebEx?

Use Your Personal Meeting Room LinkOpen Appointment Type settings on your dashboard.Under the Web Meetings tab, select Custom – Enter custom meeting URL .Selecting this option will open up a field, where you can enter a link. This is where you will enter the link to your Webex personal room. ...

How do I schedule meetings session WebEx?

Log in to your Webex site.Click on the Webex Events Classic.Click Schedule an Event under Host an Event on the left side.In the Basic Information section, create an event name and password. You can also do the following: Require registration. Associate the event to a program. ...

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