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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best extension for multiple Gmail accounts?

The best extension for users of multiple Gmail accounts—I've got three!—is Checker Plus. It gives you fast access via a drop-down menu in Chrome, desktop notifications, color coding, even voice input for writing messages. A donation of any amount unlocks even more features.

Does Gmail work with chrome?

Actually, Gmail works fine with any browser, but several Chrome-specific extensions add amazing features and abilities to the everyday Gmail experience. Here is a collection of our favorites, many of them free (we indicate the price, if not).

How do I remove a Chrome extension?

To grant permissions and use the extension, click Enable. To delete the extension, click Remove. For additional protection when you install a new extension from the Chrome Web Store, you can use Enhanced Safe Browsing.

Are Chrome extensions safe?

Still, you should learn how to make sure Chrome extensions are safe before using them and use them sparingly. FlowCrypt is an easy way to make sure any message you send from your Gmail account gets encrypted—even attachments!—using PGP encryption. FlowCrypt places a button on the UI that lets you compose a secure message when you click it.

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