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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ~Chippewa men's 25407 eh waterproof steel toe USA-made logger boots?

A strange saying, but consider how important it is to stay quiet and get your work done - and how hard it is to do so at times. When you wear ~Chippewa Men's 25407 EH Waterproof Steel Toe USA-Made Logger Boots, you can carry plenty of sticks while walking softly in modern-day style.

Are Chippewa loggers any good?

A top-notch logger brand for over 100 years, Chippewa has built itself into one of the most reputable shoe companies in the world. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, as a division of Justin Brands, Chippewa continues to manufacture top-quality made loggers for the working person.

Why choose Chippewa Boots?

Chippewa Cares The story began in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin where Chippewa Boots was known for producing fine quality footwear made by skilled craftsmen. Since 1901, the heritage and philosophy remain, and the company uses only the finest materials and workmanship as an homage to the men and women who have built the Chippewa brand.

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