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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I overlay 2020 homicides over the 2020 Chicago gang territory map?

I went ahead and overlayed the 2020 homicides over the 2020 Chicago Gang Territory Map. Homicide data is from City of Chicago and the Gang Territory Map is pulled from this sub from /u/ReggieG45.

How many gangs are there in Chicago?

How many total gangs exist in Chicago? A couple hundred. Its pretty intense when you see it all mapped out. See if this one works for you. If not it could be because the map is so recently published it needs a second to get updated.

What is the purpose of the Chicago gang violence map?

The purpose of this map is purely journalistic and is in no way intended to be a glorification of gang violence. The amount of active gang members in the city of Chicago alone is the highest in the world and estimated to be over 150,000. Only active sets are displayed on this map. Active sets are sets currently claimed and occupied by a gang.

What's new in the Chicago gang book?

Some highlights from newly updated law enforcement gang intelligence and block-by-block turf maps provided exclusively to The Associated Press in advance of their release Tuesday by the Chicago Crime Commission in a Gang Book. That last Gang Book, which is used as a guide for regional police, was published in 2012.

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