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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose charter college&career prep?

At Charter College & Career Prep we are passionate about providing tailored alternative education in a small school environment. We emphasize the importance of communication and partnership with students and parents. Our goal is to ensure all students successfully transition to career or college opportunities. Visit Now!

What does edcoe stand for?

The El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE) Charter Adult Education program provides adult... Read More Charter Alternative Programs provides a college and career readiness program that helps guide students...

What is edcharter extended day?

Charter Extended Day was developed to respond to the needs of working parents and is located on most K-8 school campuses throughout El Dorado County. Extended Day provides before and after school child care in a safe, supervised environment.

What is the charter care program?

Charter CARE Program students TEACH their way to a healthier lifestyle. The TEACH program... Read More The California Arts Council has awarded Charter University Prep’s (CUPrep) Kate Wells the Teacher...

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