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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Catherine Zeta-Jones natural hair color?

Catherine Zeta-Jones was born in 1969. Her natural hair color is dark brown, brown eyes and white skin . He always likes to use natural hair color. She 46 years old but still very nice.

Are Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones still married?

Catherine Zeta-Jones isn’t letting this American holiday slip past her. The Welsh actress made sure to celebrate the day with husband Michael Douglas and her adult children, son Dylan, 21, and daughter Carys, 18 — a cozy reunion for the family since ...

What does Catherine Zeta Jones look like now?

The stunning actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is married to Michael Douglas, has recently remade herself into a much younger-looking woman. Not only has she wound back the hands of time, to how she could have looked at a much younger age, some think she looks better than she did before when she was younger.

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