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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Catherine full name?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, GCVO (born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton; 9 January 1982) is a member of the British royal family.Her husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is second in the line of succession to the British throne, making Catherine a likely future queen consort. Born in Reading, Middleton grew up in Bucklebury, Berkshire.She was educated at St Andrew's School and ...

Is Catherine a popular name?

Ranking 204th in popularity in the United States for girls in 2018, the name Catherine is somewhat popular. Currently in the top 250, this name has been part of the top 250 most popular since 1880, when the Social Security Administration began record keeping.

What is the definition of Catherine?

Catherine Origin and Meaning. The name Catherine is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "pure". Catherine is one of the oldest and most consistently well-used girls’ names, with endless variations and nicknames. The Catherine form feels more gently old-fashioned and feminine than the more popular K versions.

How many children did Catherine of Aragon have?

Katherine of Aragon had borne six pregnancies within nine years, five of them resulting in the death of her children. The frequency of her pregnancies and the tragic loss of each infant took its toll upon the Queen and after November 1518 she had no more children. It is unclear exactly why Katherine lost so many of her children.

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