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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ‘cataloguer?

According to Wiktionary, a ‘Cataloguer’ is 1) Someone who catalogues or 2) (informal) A person who is fanatical about buying items from catalogues. (Really?

How many cataloguers does the library service have?

There are currently six cataloguers working for the library service, five of whom work on material for the main libraries, and one who is a specialist rare book cataloguer.

What's new in cataloger's desktop?

In addition: Cataloger's Desktop provides convenient access to Dewey training and the DDC Glossary. Cataloger's Desktop also includes linked DDC data in several languages. This important enhancement brings Dewey Decimal Classification to your Cataloger's Desktop work session, making both services more useful for DDC libraries.

What is the list that the cataloger compiles called?

The list that the cataloger compiles is also called a catalog. Cataloger is often used in the context of the formal recording of items in a collection, such as that of a museum or library.

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