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Frequently Asked Questions

What is catalogue of life checklist?

The Catalogue of Life Checklist is an assembly of expert-based global species checklists with the aim to build a comprehensive catalogue of all known species of organisms on Earth. Continuous progress is made towards completion, but for now, it probably includes just over 80% of the world's known species.

What happened to the catalogue of life?

The Catalogue of Life was the work of centuries. When Light went to sleep, life started to evolve. Light was angered as this evolution had made the catalogue invalid as it did not contain any knowledge of many species that now dominated the Earth, including humans.

What is the catalogue of life species?

It consists of a single integrated species checklist and taxonomic hierarchy. The Catalogue holds essential information on the names, relationships and distributions of over 1.6 million species. This figure continues to rise as information is compiled from diverse sources around the world.

Who is a catalogue of life Knight?

At the Catalogue of Life Global Team Meeting in Oostende this year he was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for his 15 years of contribution to the Catalogue of Life. As Yuri Roskov, the Executive Editor, affectionately calls him, he is a Catalogue of Life Knight.

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