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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it catalogue or catalog?

A Catalogue or a Catalog is a document or a book containing an itemized list of names, goods, or books. The purpose of the catalogue/catalog is nothing but to sell products to the customers. It has very simple information about the particular thing and is written in points containing one or two sentences.

How do you spell catalogue?

In American English, the word 'catalog' is used, and is spelled: In British English, the word 'catalogue' is used, and is spelled: C − A − T − A − L − O − G − U − E Note that in some contexts in the US and Canada, and always in British English, the word "catalogue" is used instead.

What is a catalog term?

Your college catalog term refers to the academic quarter in which you were admitted to UCLA. For example, if you were admitted to UCLA for Fall 2001, your college catalog term is Fall 2001. Your College catalog term is important because you follow the degree requirements listed in the catalog in effect during that quarter.

What does punch out catalog mean?

Punchout Catalog (or punch out catalog) is an e-procurement solution that provides access to the supplier’s catalog from the vendor’s website interface. In other words, a customer “punches out” a procurement application to the original site, gets access to the supplier’s catalog, and has the ability to add items to the shopping cart.

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