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Frequently Asked Questions

What states does CareSource operate in?

What states does CareSource operate in? Service area. CareSource has five offices, its headquarters in Dayton is spread across four buildings while satellite offices exist in Atlanta, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Louisville. The company serves consumers in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia.

How to apply for CareSource?

• Log on to and select Provider Portal from the menu options. Using our secure Provider Portal, you can check CareSource Member eligibility up to 24 months after the date of service. • You can search by date of service plus any one of the following: Member name and date of birth, case number, Medicaid (MMIS)

What type of insurance is CareSource?

Some special features of CareSource's Medicaid plans include the following:Transportation assistance to and from appointmentsVision and dentalLife Services Program provides help with resume writing and job searching

Is CareSource good insurance?

While CareSource’s plans do not cover everything and vary state to state, CareSource is worth considering for individuals that qualify for its insurance coverage. CareSource has good Medicaid plans. The Life Services program that comes with most of its Medicaid plans provides assistance with job searching.

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