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Frequently Asked Questions

What is carelogic qualifacts?

Carelogic Qualifacts, based in Nashville, is the developer of the Qualifacts CareLogic login electronic health record system for businesses. CareLogic provides specific planning, documentation, billing, and reporting for behavioral health and human services organizations in the United States.

What is carelogic EHR?

Developed by Qualifacts, Carelogic EHR is a system for the behavioral health and human services sector. Carelogic EHR is a web-based system. Carelogic EHR can be used across a host of medical specialties but has been designed for use primarily in cardiology, family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, multi-specialty and OBGYN practices.

Why do organisations choose carelogic?

Organizations select CareLogic because its highly configurable software empowers providers with a robust suite of clinical, administrative, and financial capabilities—including scheduling, intake, treatment planning, service documentation, ePrescribing, consumer engagement, billing, analytics, and reporting.

Where can I find carelogic user groups and forums?

In addition to User Guides and Training Videos to help you better understand CareLogic and it's functionalities, QSI Connect offers State User Groups and Forums where CareLogic users can collaborate with each other. CareLogic User Guides User guides are availableonlinein PDF format and can be viewed or printed.

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