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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find New Jersey’s cancer statistics?

In the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Statistic Center, you’ll find information about New Jersey’s cancer incidence, mortality, and survival rates, screening metrics, and risk factors.

How can you help someone going through cancer in New Jersey?

The American Cancer Society's local resources, programs, and events help those going through cancer in New Jersey. The Bryants have always been a close family, but that closeness was never so evident as when 25-year-old Jerald was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Who is the director of the American Cancer Society in New Jersey?

Dara Heidt, Major Gifts Director for the American Cancer Society in New Jersey. Esophageal cancer survivor Jim Tinnes, 47, says he never thought he’d be dealing with cancer. He considered himself healthy and active, enjoyed running and dirt track racing, and had never had a major surgery.

How much free lodging for cancer patients in New Jersey?

5,500 nights of free or reduced cost lodging for New Jersey patients. National Cancer Institute in the FY18 budget. The American Cancer Society National Cancer Information center responded to 34,000 calls from individuals in New Jersey with cancer questions and concerns.

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