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Frequently Asked Questions

What is buyers black box?

The buyers black box contains the buyer characteristics and the decision process, which determines the buyers response. The black box model considers the buyers response as a result of a conscious, rational decision process, in which it is assumed that the buyer has recognized the problem.

What is buyers job?

buyer in Retail. A buyer is an employee whose job is to buy products and materials, for example to stock a store or supply a factory. Our senior buyers are responsible for various buying roles in homewares, household appliances, and seasonal categories such as Christmas and Easter.

What is buyers list?

As alluded to by its name, a buyers list is a compilation of investors that you have previously established a working rapport with. Accordingly, a well-devised buyers list contains the contact information of people that may serve as potential suitors for your subject properties.

Is it buyers market?

A buyer's market is a situation in which supply exceeds demand, giving purchasers an advantage over sellers in price negotiations. The term "buyer's market" is commonly used to describe real estate markets, but it applies to any type of market in which there is more product available than there are people who want to buy it.

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