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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common plants in Australia?

Australian bush. Most areas of the Australian continent able to support woody plants are occupied by sclerophyll communities as forests, savannas or heathlands. Common plants include the Proteaceae ( grevilleas, banksias and hakeas ), tea-trees, acacias, boronias, and eucalypts.

What are some names of bushes?

There are primarily three types of shrubs: broadleaf evergreen, needled evergreen and deciduous varieties. Since these distinctions may also apply to trees, it is helpful to note how shrubs differ. A tree has a primary trunk that branches and is topped with foliage.

What is the native plant of Australia?

Native Plants Of Australia. Bull Kauri (Agathis microstachya) The Bull Kauri (Agathis microstachya) is a coniferous plant native to Australia. The average Bull Kauri is 50 meters tall and 2.7 meters wide.

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