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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best bookshops in Rome?

This bookshop can be found near the heart of Rome’s centro storico, or historic center. The location between the Spanish Steps and Via del Corso is what I love best about the Anglo American Bookshop ( Via della Vite, 102 ). I often dive inside for respite from the chaotic streets.

Where to buy second hand books in Rome?

Located behind Viale Trastevere, at Via della Lungharetta, 23, (open in Google Maps) the long-time family-run, independent, second-hand (another adjective, please?) Open Door Bookshop is a delight for any bibliophile or someone just wanting to grab a quick read. Browse through the tilting stacks of books that have been loved and passed on.

What makes libri necessari the Best Vintage Book Shop in London?

Literature lovers will be in heaven among the dusty tomes and ancient volumes here at Libri Necessari. Specializing in vintage books, the historic exterior of the quaint hole-in-the-wall bookshop charms visitors in and acts as a perfect pairing to the leather bindings, yellowed pages, and smell of old books permeating the inside.

Where can you find Nobel Prize nominees reading books in Rome?

Booker Prize nominees rub shoulders with Nobel Prize winners on the jam-packed shelves here. The bookstore is wonderfully located by Rome’s iconic Spanish Steps, and this tranquil haven of books is an ideal spot to escape the bustling streets of Rome for the far-flung places, exotic lands, and magical realms of the shop’s shelves.

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