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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Boneless mean?

1. Lacking bones: boneless organisms. 2. Having had the bones removed: bought boneless chicken breasts to cut up for a stir-fry. bone′less·ness n.

What is the Boneless brand?

Boneless owns the title of being the worlds best skateboarding pad, worn by the top pro's. Skateboarding has gone through many phases over the years, vert or street, pools or ramps, curbs or rails, it only takes one stupid mistake without pads to set you back for a long time, and maybe forever.

What is the history of the "boneless" skateboard trick?

Get the boneless mug. an aerial skateboard trick invented by Gary Scott Davis ( GSD )and a friend of his back in the early to mid 80's. They got the idea from a fast plant but instead of planting the back foot, planting the front foot. This gave them a lot more lift.

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