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Frequently Asked Questions

What is blueprint LSAT live class?

The Blueprint LSAT Live Class is the perfect LSAT prep course for the LSAT student that needs the flexibility of an online LSAT prep course with the accountability of a live LSAT class. You’ll have the opportunity to ask your LSAT instructor questions live and get feedback immediately.

What is the best LSAT prep?

Nothing in life is guaranteed. Except the world’s best LSAT prep. You’re a first time Blueprint student, enrolled in a Blueprint Live Course, Blueprint 170+ Course, or Blueprint Self-Paced Course 6 month plan or 12 month plan. You complete Practice Exam 1 within the first two weeks of logging in.

What is the LSAT study plan tool?

A first-of-its-kind LSAT Study Plan tool that instantly creates your perfect study schedule integrating live classes, prework, homework, practice questions, & exams to keep you on track. Two top-scoring LSAT instructors per class teaching live & on camera to guide your practice and teach you proven strategies.

How can blueprint help me?

Blueprint’s proven strategies have helped tens of thousands of students improve their LSAT and MCAT scores. We constantly update our materials to make sure our students are prepared for anything they see on the exam. Blueprint only hires the best instructors and tutors. Everyone on our team has a top score plus incredible teaching ability.

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