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Frequently Asked Questions

How to search code in blogger Blogspot template?

If you want to search code in your current template that’s used for your Blogger Blogspot blog, just follow below steps: Access Template then click Edit HTML button. When Template HTML editor opened, click on template code, then press Ctrl+F (or CMD+F with MAC).

Why choose directory website templates for your listing?

With our complete list of the best directory website templates, you can create any type of listing website you are after. You can create a professional outcome quickly and comfortably. The free market has managed to create an unprecedented level of economic mobility.

What are the features of the directory template?

The directory template features a stylish cover graphic, room for name, address, email, multiple phone numbers, a notes section, and more.

What is stystylish news Blogger template?

Stylish News Blogger Template is a Blogger’s theme platform. This free template is designed for Ads to use in magazine blogger websites. It has a responsive magazine layout which is as per Google Policies.

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