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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Blizzard skis?

Blizzard was established in 1945 by Anton Arnsteiner ("der Toni"), as he returned home from the second world war, in the family joinery workshop, and started producing skis besides wooden furniture. The "Blizzard" brand was registered in 1953.

Where is the Blizzard Ski factory?

But around 300 of these people commute every morning to one of the largest buildings in the village, the Blizzard ski factory—also known as the Tecnica Group Ski Competence Center. The Blizzard factory sits in downtown Mittersill, Austria. (Photo: Rick Sorensen)

Is Blizzard's Thunderbird a good ski?

While the freeride and all mountain categories swallow up the vast majority of the ski press each season, the true test of excellence between brands is the quality of their recreational race skis. Blizzard’s Thunderbird is their chance to show their best face –with all the bells and whistles included in the rest of their lineup.

When did Blizzard start making ski bases?

The "Blizzard" brand was registered in 1953. In 1954, Blizzard became the first manufacturer to mass-produce polyethylene ski bases. Blizzard's first expansion occurred in 1957 as well as the introduction of metal and fiberglass as new materials. 1963 saw a great part of the factory burned down.

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