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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Biomutant coop or multiplayer?

Biomutant is a single-player only game and unfortunately, there is no coop and multiplayer available in the game. That might be quite disappointing news for many players out there, as they might be looking forward to enjoying Biomutant with their friends. MORE: Will Biomutant Be Available on Xbox Game Pass at Launch?

Is Biomutant PvP?

On whether or not there is a PVP mode, the answer is no. Biomutant is a narrative action role-playing experience. One could hope that there would be PVP experiences to be had, especially as Biomutant allows players to create and build their own class. However, that is not the case.

What is Biomutant and how does it work?

In Biomutant, players play as a customizable raccoon and embark on a thrilling adventure. The expansive world is filled with Anthropomorphic animals, and the various weapons and bio-mechanical parts are a core aspect of the game.

Is Biomutant a boring game?

Biomutant is a boring game that survives on charm. What other open world game stars a bipedal mutant cat-thing that specializes in martial arts?

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